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A Coffin

For The Law

The Ark of the Covenant

God had barely given the Law to Moses when He ordered that it be put in a coffin. That's right - a coffin. The reason for this is that the Mosaic covenant clearly stipulated:

"And now if you carefully obey me and keep my covenant, you are to be my special possession out of all the peoples, because the whole earth belongs to me." Exodus 19:5

Israel, of course, did not obey God's voice.














They broke the Law before Moses even got down from Mt. Sinai. It was because of this that God, in grace, ordered:

"And they shall make an ark (or "coffer") out of acacia wood . . ."  

Exodus 25:10 

This word "ARK" is rendered "COFFIN" in the last verse of Genesis and that is its simple meaning. But why did God order a coffin as the very first article of furniture for the tabernacle?

The answer is:  TO PUT  THE  LAW  INTO  IT

"You shall put into the ark the testimony which I shall give you."

Exodus 25:16 & 21

What an interesting image it is, that God would place the law into a coffin then top off the coffin, or ark, with the "MERCY SEAT." Then Paul tells us that we were given the law so that we could comprehend grace!

What a beautiful prophecy!

To see that the law was so we could appreciate mercy. Romans 7

The law never brought a single soul closer to God. The beauty of the law is that it allows us to see God's Son and His act of mercy in relation to man's inability to keep the law.


What a contrast! 



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