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"Going to Sweden"


Several of my friends within the traditional church thought that I had lost my mind when they discovered that I no longer believed in decisional regeneration nor the idea that God is going to eternally burn, or at least "cast out", most of humanity from His presence after judgment.





So, I've asked several of my skeptical

buddies to consider 'going to Sweden' - at least in their imaginations - and consider these thoughts . . .


"If you want to learn about Sweden you can:


A) Read some books about Sweden.

B) Watch videos and travel shows.

C) Talk with people who are from there.

D) Read blogs and websites about Sweden.



However, if you really want to learn about Sweden - you can go there. Travel around, visit different places and see the country for yourself from various perspectives. 


If you don't like it - then pack up and leave. At least, now you have a first hand knowlege of Sweden.


Now, consider doing the same thing with the Victorious Gospel.


Don't just poke and prod from a distance. Jump in! Stay for a few weeks or months. 


You don't even have to tell anyone. Keep it between you and God. Make it an intimate venture. 


Then if you don't like it - pack your bags and leave."

If You Don't Like This Site, Please Take A Moment To Read These Two Short Notes:

1) "Going To Sweden"        2) "Their Missing Comment"


To my delight, several friends have said, "I've gone to Sweden and I'm not leaving."

"Their Missing Comment"


As the biblical and historic evidence for the truth of the Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, or what some call Unconditional Grace, has become overwhelmingly obvious  - I've noticed a missing comment from my friends who don’t agree while clutching their grip of the traditional view.











The absence of this comment is quite revealing. It exposes the heart of the matter.


Since the biblical support for the Victorious Gospel seems to be rock solid, there must be something else going on that is preventing my fellow Christians from at least exploring the biblical evidence for the ultimate reconciliation of all people and God’s endless mercy.



Conventional bias or "traditionalism" seems to be the culprit. The level of comfort that most of us find in orthodoxy holds a powerful position.


What is the missing comment or response?


"I wish I could believe God really is saving everyone."  


Even if my Christian friends are not convinced by the scriptural support set before them, they should at least have a heart that desires ALL to be saved. If not, then there may be deeper roots to this denial of The Victorious Gospel than we can see or care to admit.


My hope is that you will do this:  


"Set your pre-conceived notions aside, even for a brief time. Open your heart and mind to what the early church fathers and the Apostle Paul have clearly taught."

CLICK HERE for what Paul taught about "hell"

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