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Two Ways of Stating The Same Truth


Defining The Gospel


Paul - 





John - 



The immeasurable wealth of Christ!

"God showed me His kindness by allowing me to spread the Good News (Gospel or Evangel) of the immeasurable wealth of Christ"

Ephesians 3:8 CLT

The Concordant Literal Version 

"And the messenger casts his sickle into the earth, and picks the grapevine of the earth, and he casts them into the great trough of the fury of God. And the trough was trodden outside the city, and blood came out of the trough up to the bits of the horses, for a thousand six hundred stadia."

Revelation 14:19, 20 CLT

Notice John's imagery of Jesus' loving mercy.


It was so abundant that it appeared as if His sacrificial blood reached the horses bridles for 200 miles. 

NOTE:  When reading Revelations we should always remember the authors opening statements about the use of imagery. This book is abundant with metaphors, symbolism, and figures of speech. The winepress, grapes, blood, and trough are symbolic of God's destruction of sin, the crushing of His Son on the cross and His endless mercy which He delights to show. [Micah 7:18]

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