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A Few of The Many Good Books On This Subject 




NOTE:  Some of the titles below use the term "universal, universalism, universalist",

however, it is important to note that these books



Each of these authors are writing about "CHRISTIAN UNIVERSALISM"


Universalism, per se, is not focused on the Bible nor Jesus Christ and His finished

work on the cross.


These books are about the beautiful and amazing VICTORIOUS GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.





Concordant Publishing Concern Has Many Great Booklets FREE On Line.


They also print the Concordant Literal Version of the Bible - - HIGHLY


The Bible Student’s Notebook™ is a periodical dedicated to the:

* Promotion of Bible study  

* Encouragement of the believer’s growth in grace

* Recovery of truth that has too long been hidden under the veils of traditionalism, prejudice, misunderstanding and fear.



The Bible Student’s Notebook™ is not

connected with any "Church,"

"Movement," "Organization,"

"Society," "Mission," or separate

body of believers,

but is sent forth to and

for all of God’s saints.

"These periodicals are my favorite books. You can grab one if you're running out the door. They're great especially if you like reading engaging and thought provoking SHORT articles by a variety of writers from the past two hundred years up to now.

You might start with a more current Volume like #23 or #24. When you get hooked, you can order more, like I do."

Wipf & Stock Publishers print many great books about the Victorious Gospel.


This is a classic by Andrew Jukes.


Also referred to as "The Restitution of All Things"

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Enter The Best 

Resource For Quality Books and

Great Resources On The Subject

of God's Sovereignty and His

Plan To Redeem All

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