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This is probably the oldest and best website regarding God's relentless love and His plan to restore ALL. Created by Gary & Michelle Amirault.


The Sanctuary Downtown is pastored by Peter Hiett in Denver. He has an amazing entourage of great folks helping to build a church that lives and breathes the truth of God's relentless love and His sovereignty in all things. 
















God Is Better Than Your Thought - Downside/Up Videos are top notch professional videos that declare the truths of the BVB's. This is also a ministry of The Sanctuary Downtown



Very good articles by Bible translator Jonathan Mitchell

Patristic Universalism will explore the Restoration View through Scripture, Christian History, and Philosophy.



Eclectic Orthodoxy Blog

This excellent site features the comments and recommendations of Fr Aidan (Alvin) Kimel. 



Several good resources, book recommendations and articles.


Missionary, Gerry Beauchemin's website. 



Plain Truth Magazine (CWR)


Excellent Articles - Christianity Without the Religion









Other Recommended Sites:


"What The Hell Is Hell?"   


"God's Love Wints"


"The Calvinist Universalist"


     Several "Hell" Quotes by prominent church leaders   CLICK HERE


"Patristic Universalism"


"What God Does"    Tons of Great Videos & Comments - Alice Spicer


"Shepherds Voice"





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