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This Downside/Up Video is entitled

The Flaming Toilet of Death                       13 Minutes

One of the best explanations of Hades, Sheol, Hell, and The Lake of Fire - Hallelujah In Hell.    

16.5 Minutes


'Downside Up' is a short film series designed to help dismantle the false teaching of "hell" and display the mercy of God as we see in THE BVBs.

Lazarus and The Rich Man - Parable

The story of Lazarus and the Rich man explained - Jason Lucas takes a critical look at this highly misunderstood parable.

Gary Amirault has several good Youtubes. He calls them "cheezy", but I think they're great.  You can also look for "Tentmaker 777 videos"

After watching this amazing video about an American B-17 pilot and a German fighter pilot - you'll really appreciate the sermon on Feb. 9, 2015 at 


Ask yourself:

1) Which comes first - God's MERCY or our belief?

2) Does God's mercy depend on us and our 'belief'?

(does God need our 'belief'  to trigger His mercy and love?)

3) Is our 'belief' the result of His endless and unconditional mercy?"

Ravi Zacharias at Q&A - Even great atheists believe determinism. (Short video)

It's interesting that so many Christians reject God's sovereignty in ALL things.

Julia Galef explains "Soldier Mindset" and "Scout Mindset"
This excellent talk explains the primary difference between those who remain in their traditionalists pews and those who are willing to explore the biblical and philosophical evidence that God's love is relentless for all His creation.   CLICK HERE

Alice Spicer presents over 100 GOOD Videos!

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