"BVB"s are Bible Verses That Seem To Be Avoided or Quickly

Skimmed Over By Most Pastors and Theologians.


There are many passages that declare ALL will be saved. However, we have somehow been taught that this can't be true. Yet, these verses are quite clear. 


We'd Encourage You To Read Them For Yourself


Our contention is this: The "proof texts" that seem to say God will send people to eternal torment are the very passages in need of closer study. While most of the "BVB"s are crystal clear, straightforward, unambiguous, and comprehensive. In Contrast, the verses that seem to say God sends people to eternal torment fall into the category of symbolism  allegory, imagery and in most cases directed at an antiquated audience - not us. Most of Jesus' warnings are aimed directly at the Jews of that day and these warnings were fulfilled between 67 - 70 AD.  

(NOTE: The word "hell" and the idea of "hell" does not exist in the Hebrew or Greek scriptures. In fact, many of the most recent Bible translations have removed the word hell. The earliest use of hel or hell in the 7th century meant: A place of protection.)


You Might Consider These Questions

as You Read The Following "BVB"s 


Did Jesus Come To Save EVERYONE?  or just a few?


Will Most People Be Separated From God and Their Loved Ones Forever?


What does the Bible say?

(In MOBILE Version  TAP on Verse or Image In Order To Read)



Most commentaries will acknowlege that

passages such as Romans 5:18, 11:32,

I Corinthians 15:22, I Timothy 4:10, etc.

(most of the BVB's)

do seem to teach Christian Universalism.


However, it is often said that these verses

can not mean what they seem to be saying

because of the broader context of scripture. 


The "broader context of scripture"

is simply a way of saying: 

"These verses don't agree with our view."


Broader context of scripture does sound better

than an admission that they simply

don't like the implications. 



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"God's judgment and wrath may be seem severe, but it is never absent of His merciful plan to restore all."


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