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Twelve Irreconcilable Teachings of Many In The Modern Church

(Theological Oxymorons)

Can both be true?


  1. Proportional justice is demanded in the Old Testament. Yet we are to believe God will inflict eternal conscious torment on people as punishment for a few short years of sin. That’s an oxymoron. Perhaps the most disproportionate punishment imaginable. ​

  2. God clearly declares that He desires that none should perish – yet most of His creation perishes or even worse, they are tormented forever.

  3. God is omnipotent, yet human “free will” trumps His will. God is sovereign but overruled by human decisions.

  4. God is all powerful yet unable to save His creatures.

  5. God is omnipresent yet we are told that many will be eternally separated away from God - where He is not present.

  6. God’s grace is unconditional, yet it has no effect unless one fulfills the condition of belief. (As if God’s mercy is triggered by something we do.) If grace is unconditional it has NO conditions. None.

  7. God so loved the world that He sent His Son to save the world – but failed, because most will not be saved.

  8. God delights to show His mercy - yet most believe God will only show His mercy to just a few.

  9. Jesus taught us to forgive seventy times seven, or endlessly – yet God does not forgive endlessly.

  10. Jesus forgave and healed without being asked, yet we are taught that God only saves those who first ask. (He forgave the men who nailed Him to the cross. If they later believed, then they were able to enjoy their forgiveness. Belief is an aspect of appreciating what God has already done.)

  11. Behavior modification or a change of heart. It seems that most of the churches attitude has been to get people to improve or change their behavior - but God doesn't seem to care about our works. A closer look at Christ's ministry and the teachings of Paul seem to show us that God wants our hearts. The adjustments in our behavior should be the result of a new heart and attitude. If grace and mercy is something we receive BECAUSE of our change, then it's earned. Knowing that God's love is relentless and without any conditions, this wins our eternal devotion. 

  12. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord, yet we are taught that millions will be burning in hell or cast into outer darkness. 


NOTE: With regards to #1 – Some will argue that people are sent to hell because they are born sinners. Because of Adam. To this, they must then agree with Paul that these are equally and likewise saved by the second Adam - unless the definition of "all" changes its meaning in the middle of this statement. 

Romans 5:18 "As through Adam’s sin there resulted condemnation to ALL men, even so through one act of righteousness there resulted justification of life to ALL men." 



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